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Dance as Self-Discovery

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

In Indian classical dance, an importance is placed on looking at the hands while we dance. The eyes are the most important elements of these dances- where they go, what they follow can tell a whole story to the audience. As we watch our own arms and hands move in air, it is almost like a rediscovery of the body - a chance to experience it anew, express awe at the simple fact that it exists and can move in such exquisite ways. While dancing, we are in essence rediscovering our bodies, embodying every cell, living every moment in the moment, feeling the stretches of our tendons and muscles - seeing the swift and graceful movements of our limbs becoming one with the music and  rhythms - feeling our own breath pulsing. if we move slowly enough we become aware of each muscle, how we toss around gravity with our feet and arms, moving energy. How our bodies seem to naturally synchronize with the rhythm that is in the air and in our hearts.

Any dance, not just Indian classical, can be like this - all you have to do is pay attention. <3


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